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maybe, maybe not.


So, I made a trip to everybody’s favorite place:  the doctor’s office.

The verdict?  I might have strep throat, but they’re not sure.  The quick test for strep came back negative, but they’ve had a couple false negatives with the equipment this week.  Since I do have the symptoms and I was exposed, they put me on antibiotics and told me to stay home tomorrow as a precautionary measure.  The results from the full culture should be available on Friday, so they’ll have a better idea at that point.

Until then, I get to enjoy time sleeping, reading, watching TV and movies, and focusing on feeling better.  This extra time would be much more enjoyable, though, if I felt better.  Such is life, I’ll take what I can get.

While I was waiting for my prescription to get filled, I headed down the road to Starbucks.  The warmth from the caramel macchiato felt SO good on my throat.

Once I finally got home (it took the pharmacy almost an hour.  A bit ridiculous.), I made some toast with sunflower seed butter and white chocolate chips.

This was paired with a glass of orange juice and a side of amoxicillin.  I know I’m not my normal self when I want OJ.  Any other day of the week, it sounds completely unappealing, but when I’m sick, that’s a completely different story!

I’m not going to lie though, I really can’t help but think that this is far from helpful in my half marathon training!  Boo!!

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  1. 01.20.11 10:26 am

    Hope you feel better soon! And you will get right back on track with training I’m sure. That’s frustrating though that they couldn’t definitively say it was strep.

  2. Steven permalink
    01.20.11 11:17 am

    Sometimes the most useful, and hardest part, of training is rest! Enjoy, stay warm, relax, decompress, and run hard once you feel better again!

  3. 01.20.11 5:08 pm

    Ugh sorry to hear you’re feeling so awful. Do take advantage of your time to rest up!!

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