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food baby.


I am SO glad to finally be home, it’s been a long one!  I feel like I’ve been on the go since I woke up!


Knowing I had to be on the road for a good majority of the day today, I packed a lunch that I could eat while driving…and then left the office without it.  Oops.

By the time I actually got to eat, it was 2:30 and I was beyond hungry!  I stopped at Jimmy John’s and more or less inhaled my food!  I had the vegetarian with extra avocado and a bag of BBQ chips.


For Anthem tonight, rather than going to the church for the normal youth group, we had a RELA night, so we had a chance to go out and do something with our small groups.  I was really craving Mexican the night we had to turn in our plans, so we headed to On the Border for dinner!

Since I had such a late lunch, I wasn’t all that hungry for dinner.  I ended up creating a little trio of dips:  salsa, guacamole, and queso.  One of the girls’ birthday was today so our waiter brought a couple bowls of queso on the house (in addition to her free birthday dessert)!

I will always get the “Guacamole Live!” over regular guacamole at On the Border.  They make it right at your table and it tastes so much better since it’s really fresh!

Our waiter really impressed me.  I never quite know what to expect when I’m out at a restaurant with all the girls.  Teenage girls don’t always scream for the best service.  Not only did he bring us the free queso, he was great about taking empty plates, refilling glasses, and just being right there when we needed something.  He was top notch; so much so that I can cross item 48 off my 101 in 1001 list:  leave a 100% tip.

He was that good.

But, now I have a food baby.  I ate far too much in a short period of time and it’s easy to overeat with stuff like dips.  My belly is not happy with me.

Have you ever had truly exceptional service when you didn’t expect it?

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  1. 01.26.11 10:00 pm

    Oh gosh, I totally know how that goes. Chips and salsa are just waaay too easy to eat haha. All of those dips look so good!

  2. 01.26.11 10:11 pm

    Ooh food baby! I’m super jealous of your Jimmy John’s! I meant to get some while I was in MI, but never got around to it.
    And those dips look delish – that is one generous tip!

  3. 01.27.11 3:28 am

    That sammie looks so good! And I’m sure your server was SO happy about that. I remember when I was a bartender, it felt SO good when someone left me a good tip! Gave me so much motivation!

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