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late night reading.


Hello friends!  Things have been busy, busy!

I ended up not running after all last night.  I had some errands I had been planning to take care of before my dinner plans that  got canceled last night and I decided since I had everything with me, just go get it done.  Then one thing turned into another and by the time I finally got home, I had zero desire to leave again.  Not a big deal, I hadn’t planned on a run yesterday anyhow!

Before I left the office, I had a really great snack:  an Almond Snickers!  I’ve never had this kind and it was really good!  Not quite as delish as a plain ole Snickers, but still tasty!  Let’s be  real:  it has chocolate and caramel…it’s going to be good!

Just what I needed when I hit the mid-afternoon slump!

When I was out running my errands, I was really excited when I realized I was near Chipotle at dinner time!  There’s only one Chipotle (love!) in town and it’s a rarity that I’m nearby when it’s time to eat.  So, I went.  I got the vegetarian burrito.  I always end up with that I just ate way more than I should have feeling when I eat there, but it’s so worth it!

I stayed up far too late last night finishing the book I was reading (How Dolly Parton Saved My Life). It was a cute story and a really fast read.  I started it on Sunday and finished yesterday!  Definitely nothing groundbreaking or award winning, but enjoyable nonetheless.

My late night reading session left me dragging this morning, even if it was worth it.  I’ve been really good lately about not stopping for a fancy coffee drink on my way into work (and counting it as my breakfast), but today was just one of those mornings.  I got a soy caramel latte and a chocolate chip muffin for no other reason than it sounded really good!

Okay, time to get some work done!  I’ve been on the road for work most of the day, but more about those exploits later!

Hope y’all are having a great Wednesday!

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  1. 01.26.11 6:32 pm

    I didn’t even know they made almond snickers bars! I am going to look for one next time I’m at the store.

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