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confessions of an overpacker.


Tonight starts another round of house/dog sitting.  I’ll be here for a little over a week and you would think, based on how much I packed, it’s closer to a month.  In all fairness, I packed work, casual, and gym clothes plus entertainment for the week (a couple books, movies, etc.) and bunch of food so I’m not eating out the entire time.  Oh, and don’t forget the yoga mat!

Yep, I’m an overpacker.  At least I’m prepared for…well, I don’t know what for.  But, when something comes to be prepared for, I’m ready!!


Although I just had it for lunch yesterday, I had another hummus and sprouts sandwich.  I added some feta and tomato to it tonight.

I cooked up some sweet potato fries to go with it. I coated them with olive oil, salt, pepper, and just a bit of rosemary before baking them at 350 for 40ish minutes.

I may have gone a  bit overboard with the ketchup!

academy award prep.

I want to watch as many of the Best Picture nominees as I can before the Academy Awards next month.  Tonight’s film was The Kids Are All Right.  This is one that I wanted to see in theaters, but never got to it.  Overall, I thought it a was quality film about family and how families aren’t always easy and things get messy, but at the end of the day, your family is there for you.  It’s a story of love and hurt and heartbreak.  Did I enjoy it?  Yes.  Is it worthy of winning Best Picture?  Not particularly.

Previously, I’ve already seen Toy Story 3 which was really cute (better than the second, not nearly as great as the first), but again, not deserving of Best Picture.  Inception is one I saw, but I think I need to see again.  I wasn’t feeling that great when I saw it and it’s probably not the best movie to see when you’re in a cold medicine fog.  I think out of the three I’ve seen, it’s the most deserving, but I doubt it has what it takes to win.

I had some good company for movie watching:  Norman and Rosie!  Cute, no?

And, some good beer.

Quite a lovely Friday evening.

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