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waking up is hard to do.


I did not want to get out of my warm, comfortable bed this morning.  I laid there as long as I possibly could.  I’m glad it’s Friday and I can sleep in a bit tomorrow!!


I grabbed a bagel on my way out the door.  One day, I’ll cut back on bagels.  But, not today.  I love them too much!


My friend Kate recently got a job down the street from me, so we met for lunch to grab a bit and catch up on life.  I went for the salad bar.  I had so many different things on the plate, I don’t know that I remember everything…spring mix, spinach, banana peppers, cucumbers, black olives, green pepper, red onion, sprouts, mushroom, chickpeas, almonds, feta, and topped with some balsamic vinaigrette.  I think that’s all?  Quite a mix, no?

I had some Greek yogurt on the side.  Chobani > Yoplait.  Hands down.  But, Chobani wasn’t an option so I worked with what I had.

vitamin d.

For quite some time, I’ve known I should be taking Vitamin D supplements.  This time of year, sunlight is at a minimum in Michigan and that is a primary source of the vitamin.  According to one source, anyone living north of Atlanta, Georgia isn’t exposed to enough sunlight to get the minimum vitamin D requirements six months out of the year (via Women’s Health).  Not only that, but the few food sources that offer the vitamin (fish, cheese, egg yolks) are ones that I either don’t eat at all or try to eat minimal amounts of.

Since vitamin D deficiency can lead to depression and seasonal affective disorder, I knew it was even more important to take the supplements since these issues are in my heredity.

It’s now been just under two weeks since I’ve started on my supplements and I feel like I can already notice a difference in my mood.  It’s likely just the placebo effect, but I like to tell myself that it really is making a positive difference in my life.

Do you take any supplements? I do a multivitamin, vitamin D, and a Tums for calcium.

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  1. 01.28.11 8:49 pm

    I take a women’s multivitamin, a calcium + vitamin d pill, a green tea caplet, a b complex tablet and prenatal vitamins, to encourage hair and nail growth. I hate choking them all down, but I know they help — but the worst is the calcium + vitamin d pill; it’s huge. Why don’t I just take a Tums like you? Duh! You so smart!

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