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breakfast for dinner.


The light lunch I planned to have this afternoon – chips and guac – didn’t happen (sad face!).  I opened the container of guac and it was definitely past it’s prime.  You know how usually there’s a brown layer on top that you can mix up with the normal colored guac underneath and it’s totally edible?  Definitely not a green layer.  Oops.


Once I realized the guac was no bueno, I turned to Plan B:  a bagel and cream cheese!  Surprised, aren’t ya?

I’ve got about enough of the strawberry daiquiri cream cheese for one bagel!  I can’t lie, I’m ready for it to be gone!  I swear, the stuff was multiplying overnight!

I attempted to reserve a copy of The Social Network from Redbox tonight.  I was excited when I looked online and there was one available.  Said excitement was crushed when I got to Walgreens and realized their Redbox machine wasn’t working.  So, I don’t get my movie AND I’m out the $1 since I paid online to reserve it.  Boo you whore (apparently I should watch Mean Girls instead??).


My dad and stepmom came to town to meet for dinner tonight.  Did you know Perkin’s really isn’t a very vegetarian friendly restaurant?  Lots of meat and potatoes type stuff.  Breakfast menu, it is!

I went for an omelet.  I think it’s funny they don’t cook the “stuffing” with the eggs, but put them on top.  I had cheddar cheese, spinach, mushrooms, and some really pathetic looking tomatoes.  I miss summertime produce.

With some potatoes and whole wheat toast on the side.  Next time, I’m just getting an entire plateful of the potatoes.  They were gooooood.

Hope you’re having a lovely Saturday!!

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