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christmas continues.


Holy crap, today is FLYING by!

My day started out with the dogs trying to wake me up at 5 am.  That was so not happening.  Fortunately after a few minutes, they laid back down for awhile.


Once I got up and moving, I had an easy breakfast:  banana bread muffins with sunflower seed butter.  I loved the combo so much yesterday that it was worthy of being repeated!

Holy yum.

I ate in a frantic rush to get to church.  In my I have plenty of time to get ready thinking, I actually ended up wasting a bit too much time and before I knew it, it was after 8 am, and I still hadn’t showered or gotten ready!  I flew through my morning routine, but I made it with a few minutes to spare!

After church, I stopped for some caffeine in the form of a soy caramel macchiato.  Heavenly.

christmas continues.

For my oldest nieces and nephew this Christmas, their gift was that I take them to a movie and lunch, both of their choosing.  My nephew, Jacob, was the first to take me up on the offer.  The movie?  TRON:  Legacy.  Not exactly my cup of tea, but I’m not an 8 year old boy and, more importantly, it wasn’t about me, so I went willingly.

We shared some popcorn at the theater.  Is it just me or is movie theater popcorn not one of the best things in the world?

While the movie was not one I would have normally gone to see, I was more entertained that I expected (perhaps, in part, because Garrett Hedlund isn’t so bad to look at for a couple hours?).

The restaurant of his choice was the always quality Steak ‘n’ Shake.  I was a bit surprised to find something healthy and vegetarian friendly on the menu!   I had the apple walnut harvest salad which had gala apples, red grapes (supposedly…I didn’t see any on mine!), honey roasted walnuts, dried cranberries, mandarin oranges and premium bleu cheese crumbles.  It came with a berry balsamic vinaigrette.

Any shred of nutritional value was counteracted with the mint chocolate chip milkshake.  It’s been a few years since I’ve had a milkshake from Steak ‘n’ Shake, but this wasn’t quite as good as I remembered.  Still good enough that I drank the whole thing, though!

I had a fun afternoon with Jacob!  It was great to have some one-on-one time together!  Love you buddy!  Thanks for hanging out with me for a few hours!

I love, love, love being Aunt Mindy!

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  1. 01.30.11 7:15 pm

    Aw cute! Nothing beats a S’N’S milkshake btw 🙂

  2. 01.30.11 9:18 pm

    what a fun day! you are such a great aunt 🙂 I need to google what Tron is all about because I keep seeing title everywhere!

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