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elbow is back.


It’s no secret I’m a country music fan.  I adore Taylor Swift.  Carrie Underwood and I are practically like sisters (you know, from the one time I met her…).  Keith Urban dominates my iPod.  I do love more than country, though.  Such as the super fab British band Elbow (yes, you read that right, Elbow) who just happens to be releasing their new album build a rocket boys! on March 7.  If you don’t know this band, you need to.  Seriously.

Fantastic.  This will be on repeat for the immediate future.


It was our third attempt at scheduling something, but my friend Andrea and I finally got to hang out tonight!  We went out for an early dinner at Bar Louie after work.

It was so great to catch up!  We haven’t hung out quite as much in the past couple months for various reasons: the holidays, we’ve both been sick, and she is adjusting to married life with her husband Ryan.  You know, life gets in the way.  It was really great to spend a bit of time together!

I considered a martini, but I knew I was running later in the evening and I knew that would be a recipe for a terrible workout.  Another time.  To start, we shared an order of bruschetta pomodoro.

I got a Farmer’s Market Pizza for my main dish. It was so good!  Piled high with a bunch of different veg, a sauce with a great little spice to it, and not too much cheese.  Just right.

Yum.  I ate the entire thing (It was around a 7″, I’d say, so nothing too huge).


I told myself the only way I was allowed to watch Big Bang Theory tonight was if I did it from a treadmill at the Y.  Worked like a charm.  I had a great run, time flew by, and I got a couple funny looks when I laughed at some of the jokes.  I did 3 miles in 32:25 (10:48 pace).  I’m still not by any means fast, and I don’t know that I ever will be, but I do feel like I’m finally starting to rebuild some of the speed and endurance I had this time last year when I was training for the 25K.  It feels so good!


they think it’s weird.


Did you know today is not, in fact, Wednesday?  I know, I know, that’s obvious.  Clearly not to me.  I realized it was Thursday around, oh, 11 this morning.  Such is life.  Fortunately, I didn’t miss any Earth shattering events given my lack of ability to read a calendar…or simply keep track of time.

I was still feeling full from last night’s food baby, so it was a light breakfast this morning:  Kashi Heart to Heart with 1 tbsp of chia seeds and a cup of almond milk.

The chia seeds clumped up at the bottom of the bowl and were just a big glob waiting to be eaten once the cereal was gone.  I clearly need to learn to stir better.

Today’s sugar buzz came courtesy of homemade cream puffs topped with chocolate frosting.

Amazeballs.  Cream puffs are one of those desserts where I could take it or leave it.  If they were all this good, leaving it would never be an option.

I spent my lunch break play Apples to Apples with a few people from the office.  I lost miserably.  I blame the horrible cards and the fact that after I would play my card and draw a new one, inevitably, the card I drew would have been perfect for the round we were wrapping up.  Almost every single time.

Most of my coworkers are pretty insistent that I’m weird about food.  I write about it, I take pictures of it, and some of the stuff I eat they look at me life I’m crazy.  Today’s sandwich was no exception.  Hummus and sprouts on wheat?  Love it.  Several people thought it sounded disgusting and didn’t hesitate to tell me just as much.

You can think my food is weird, it’s really okay.  You don’t have to eat it.

I paired the sammie with leftover acorn squash and a package of Ritz Crakerfuls.

“Natural flavor with other natural flavors”?  What does that even mean!?  I don’t think I want to know.

Gotta jet!  I’m heading for a date with the treadmill and a rerun of The Big Bang Theory!  See y’all in awhile!

blogger confessions: stylish.


Thanks to the lovely Julia for the Stylish Blogger Award!

As a recipient, I have to share seven facts about myself that you don’t know.  Well, most of you won’t know them anyhow.

  • I’m slightly OCD about even numbers. For example, if I buy a Diet Coke out of the vending machine at work, I will only buy it  from the even numbered slots (generally 36…not only is it an even number, the square root of it is 6, also an even number).  There are other examples, but let’s not make myself look completely nuts in one day.
  • My first memory is my fifth birthday. My dad was a firefighter at the time and there was a practice fire the night of my birthday.  My parents took me to dinner at Pizza Hut, then we went to the fire.  I was minding my own business when one of my dad’s buddies thought I’d like to see my dad IN the burning house.  He picked me up and toted me over.  I didn’t quite grasp the protective gear concept and just saw my dad standing inside a burning building.  I was scarred for years.
  • I lived in the same house my entire childhood. I didn’t move until I went to college.  That same year, my mom sold the house I grew up in.
  • I never had braces.  I was blessed with good teeth.  I’m forever grateful.  But, my eyes on the other hand…
  • I’ve worn glasses since I was 5.  At one point during elementary school, my eyes were so bad I had bifocals.  I was a cool kid.  I tried contacts once but my eyes are naturally quite dry so it didn’t go too well.
  • I love books and reading.  That part, not so much the confession.  The true confession is that when I was in elementary school, I would carry around a bag with like a dozen books in case I was gone from the house and finished one.  I wanted to have my options on what to pick next.  My favorites were the Baby Sitters Club and Sweet Valley High/University.  Again, I was a cool kid.
  • I’m slightly obsessed with California. I blame it on watching (and being obsessed with) Full House as a kid.  I was in 7th heaven the first time I went to San Francisco.


Part of the receiving the award is passing it on to fellow bloggers.  But, I’ve lost track of who has and hasn’t done this…so if you haven’t gotten this fab honor, I award it to YOU!

    food baby.


    I am SO glad to finally be home, it’s been a long one!  I feel like I’ve been on the go since I woke up!


    Knowing I had to be on the road for a good majority of the day today, I packed a lunch that I could eat while driving…and then left the office without it.  Oops.

    By the time I actually got to eat, it was 2:30 and I was beyond hungry!  I stopped at Jimmy John’s and more or less inhaled my food!  I had the vegetarian with extra avocado and a bag of BBQ chips.


    For Anthem tonight, rather than going to the church for the normal youth group, we had a RELA night, so we had a chance to go out and do something with our small groups.  I was really craving Mexican the night we had to turn in our plans, so we headed to On the Border for dinner!

    Since I had such a late lunch, I wasn’t all that hungry for dinner.  I ended up creating a little trio of dips:  salsa, guacamole, and queso.  One of the girls’ birthday was today so our waiter brought a couple bowls of queso on the house (in addition to her free birthday dessert)!

    I will always get the “Guacamole Live!” over regular guacamole at On the Border.  They make it right at your table and it tastes so much better since it’s really fresh!

    Our waiter really impressed me.  I never quite know what to expect when I’m out at a restaurant with all the girls.  Teenage girls don’t always scream for the best service.  Not only did he bring us the free queso, he was great about taking empty plates, refilling glasses, and just being right there when we needed something.  He was top notch; so much so that I can cross item 48 off my 101 in 1001 list:  leave a 100% tip.

    He was that good.

    But, now I have a food baby.  I ate far too much in a short period of time and it’s easy to overeat with stuff like dips.  My belly is not happy with me.

    Have you ever had truly exceptional service when you didn’t expect it?

    late night reading.


    Hello friends!  Things have been busy, busy!

    I ended up not running after all last night.  I had some errands I had been planning to take care of before my dinner plans that  got canceled last night and I decided since I had everything with me, just go get it done.  Then one thing turned into another and by the time I finally got home, I had zero desire to leave again.  Not a big deal, I hadn’t planned on a run yesterday anyhow!

    Before I left the office, I had a really great snack:  an Almond Snickers!  I’ve never had this kind and it was really good!  Not quite as delish as a plain ole Snickers, but still tasty!  Let’s be  real:  it has chocolate and caramel…it’s going to be good!

    Just what I needed when I hit the mid-afternoon slump!

    When I was out running my errands, I was really excited when I realized I was near Chipotle at dinner time!  There’s only one Chipotle (love!) in town and it’s a rarity that I’m nearby when it’s time to eat.  So, I went.  I got the vegetarian burrito.  I always end up with that I just ate way more than I should have feeling when I eat there, but it’s so worth it!

    I stayed up far too late last night finishing the book I was reading (How Dolly Parton Saved My Life). It was a cute story and a really fast read.  I started it on Sunday and finished yesterday!  Definitely nothing groundbreaking or award winning, but enjoyable nonetheless.

    My late night reading session left me dragging this morning, even if it was worth it.  I’ve been really good lately about not stopping for a fancy coffee drink on my way into work (and counting it as my breakfast), but today was just one of those mornings.  I got a soy caramel latte and a chocolate chip muffin for no other reason than it sounded really good!

    Okay, time to get some work done!  I’ve been on the road for work most of the day, but more about those exploits later!

    Hope y’all are having a great Wednesday!

    free food rules.


    I love when people share food with me, especially when it’s from one of my favorite bakeries in town.  I’ve actually had it since yesterday, but since I already had the cinnamon  roll, I saved it for a tasty  breakfast!  It was a delish lemon poppyseed scone.

    It has been such a crazy busy morning!  I would much rather have the kinds of days when I have a steady stream of things to do.  I think it makes the day go faster, plus I love the feeling of checking things off my “to do” list!

    I did take a brief break to check out the Oscar nominations!  I’ve only seen two of the Best Picture nominees (Toy Story 3 and Inception), but from the things I’ve heard about the rest, it sounds like some great contenders.  Without having actually seen it, my money is on The King’s Speech. Or, Black Swan. Hopefully I’ll be able to see a few more before the show on February 27!

    Lunch was simple one today.  A “chicken” sandwich and some veg with hummus.  The sandwich had a Morningstar chik’n patty, a slice of cheddar cheese, and some of the best barbecue sauce known to man (Sweet Baby Ray’s).

    My plans for tonight (the ones I had last Tuesday that got rescheduled to tonight) are once again pushed back, so I’m happy I’ll be able to get a run in!  Since it’s my first long-ish run since before I was sick, the plan is to start out slow and see how my body feels.

    What film do you think will win Best Picture this year?  Which do you WANT to win?

    best class yet.


    At some point in the not too distant past, LUNA was giving away free samples of their new flavors.  You got either Chocolate Chunk or Chocolate Dipped Coconut, but they sent whatever their little hearts desired.

    First, I have to admit, I kind of forgot I signed up for this, so when a box from LUNA came last week, I was pleasantly surprised.  Second, I was really hoping for the Chocolate Chunk.  I am not a huge coconut fan.  So, when the Chocolate Dipped Coconut was in the box, I was a bit disappointed.

    Nonetheless, I gave it a shot for my pre-gym snack.  It was better than I was expecting, for sure, but I’ll stick with the Lemon Zest (love!).  If you’re a coconut fan, I’d say it’s worth giving a shot!

    gym it up.

    I was really excited to get back to working out!  I started out with my new routine of a pre-Zumba mile and my legs were crazy tight!!  I ended up going 1.5 miles in 15:11 (10:07 pace).  I walked a minute or so near the end when I heard something in my leg pop (never a sound you want to hear!) but once I realized I was okay, I ran out the rest of it.

    And Zumba…I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun at the class as I did tonight!!  It was so fun!  We did a couple new songs (Hold It Against Me by Britney and Forget You from Glee).  I’m pretty sure that using Top 40 stuff like that makes it not technically an “official” Zumba class but I love when we do songs like that!  I find it so much easier to dance to and it’s fun to have songs I know and love!


    I wanted one thing, and one thing only, when I left the gym:  a green monster!  I got to blending almost as soon as I walked in the door!

    My bigger than anticipated bowl contained:  a cup of frozen berries, a banana, a scoop of vanilla SunWarrior, a LOT of spinach, and a cup of almond milk.  It wasn’t blending too well, so I added in 1/2 cup of water to get things going!  All topped with 1/4 cup vanilla almond granola!

    It was so delish, but made more than I could eat!  It’s filling stuff, I tell ya!

    What’s been the highlight of your day? “Warm” temperatures (said when high 20s is feeling warm, no?), great Zumba class, registering for my first marathon (!!!) are just some of mine.  And, thanks to everyone for their great support and comments about registering!  Y’all are the best!