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back to reality.


Back to life, back to reality…

I say this looking for no sympathy whatsoever because I know how lucky I was to have such a long break from work (11 glorious days!), but going back tomorrow morning is going to be rough!  I got quite accustomed to this staycation lifestyle!  After such a long break, I know I have no room whatsoever to complain!

I went to Zumba again tonight!  I am so glad I’m making an effort to go regularly again!  I really love it and it’s such a great workout!  Pre-class snack was a spiced pumpkin pie Clif bar.  I think I’ve eaten maybe two Clif bars in my life, but they had me at pumpkin!

It was really tasty!  I would buy more, for sure!  I think it’s a seasonal flavor, though, so I’m not sure how long they’ll be around.

After Zumba, I had some errands to run and ended up not getting home until 9:30.  I can’t eat a heavy dinner that late, so cereal it was.  I really have no problem eating cereal for meals other than breakfast.  It’s probably one of my favorite foods.

I really wish I could say that since it’s after 10, I should go get ready for bed, but as much as I said I wasn’t going to let my sleep schedule get thrown off during my staycation…well, I did.  I am quite wide awake and if the past few nights have been any indication, it will be 2ish by the time I sleep.  Which should, of course, make my 6:20 alarm feel less than enjoyable.

Ah, it was worth it.

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  1. 01.3.11 10:27 pm

    Good luck on your first day back at work in the new year!

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